Beside Lake Erie's water blue
Stands dear old Harbor High.
Her friendliness, her spirit true,
Her fame will never die.
Harbor, dear Harbor High,
Thy name we love.
Send forth thy guiding light
Reflected from above.
Purple and gold shall be
Colors of royalty.
We pledge our loyalty,
Harbor, to thee.*

~ Harbor Hymn
by Abner H. Grender
former choir director at HHS

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“Beside Lake Erie’s water blue stands dear old Harbor High.”

For over 90 years the stately McKinley Building, as it was known, stood as home to the Harbor High School Mariners at the corner of Walnut Boulevard and Lake Avenue.  Hundreds of dedicated professionals served in her offices and classrooms as teachers, administrators, support staff, coaches, and counselors.  Over 9000 students walked her halls during her lifetime.  In that building, we all gained experiences that would last a lifetime ― knowledge was passed on, skills were learned, traditions honored, friendships formed, and memories made. 

In the fall of 2001, the building became home to the ninth grade of the new, consolidated Lakeside High, and in 2006 the new Lakeside High School building opened on Sanborn Road ― and the doors of Harbor High's McKinley Building closed forever.  In May of 2009, those hallowed halls were taken down and what had once been Harbor High School was no more. 

“Her fame will never die.” 

Chuck Altonen (’55) and a number of others have formed the Mariner Memorial Park Association.  This group is spearheading a grass roots movement to build a park on the land on which Harbor High School stood proudly for nearly 100 years.  Mariner Memorial Park will commemorate the history of HHS and the thousands of graduates who graced her classrooms.

The park will be both an asset to the community and a beautiful tribute to Harbor High School and all who attended her. 

The purpose of this website is to aid in the fundraising that is necessary to bring this vision to reality, and to chronicle the journey from razed land to Mariner Memorial Park.   

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The Mariner Memorial Park Association has joined with an online fundraiser website to  collect monies to help build the park!

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Association Meetings:
Third Wednesday of each month at 7 PM; locations TBA.

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